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We can't believe it's been six years since we released 'Faders on Stun'. That record is still enjoying a good run and we've been playing most of the songs in our live sets, as they still get us high when we do. We don't have any other substance abuse issues other than music so it's all good. One could argue that this can be just as injurious to one's health but I digress.

We know that some of our fans have been asking when a new release might be coming out. Well the band has been recording all the while trying to select new songs that will complement the previous canon of Clockwise pop. It's a tough gig but we're up for the challenge, although this does take time. Time? Clockwise? There's something ironic there somewhere in the details ...

The 2011 release of the band's 7" 45 RPM single was a sneak peek at two of the tracks (three if you count and use the download card) at what's in store for the new record (it might not be vinyl but it's still a record to us kids). Those songs are available here on the site and are indicative of the sonic that our musical photographer James Paul has been capturing for us. He's a clever man of nefarious ways with a curiosity shop of new and old toys that never disappoints.

So ... we are half-promising that a new Clockwise release will see the light of day in 2014. Nine tracks have been recorded so far with the band's favourite engineer/producer setting the controls for the heart of the sun. Tim Durnford (our original keys guy, see 'Accidentally on Purpose') has rejoined the band after a long hiatus (too long I might add) and plays on two of the new recordings. John Hume (who once graced the band in a previous line-up) plays some very tasty keyboards on the other seven tracks. Are we excited? Just like nothing on Earth!

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