Review of 'This is Now and ... Then' by Carson Crash/Canadian Beats

Here's a rather swell review of our last release by Carson Roswell of fab purveyors of Canadian music 'Canadian Beats'. Follow taste-makers Canadian Beats for great reviews, insights and to stay current with the emerging Canadian music scene.

Power Pop is a heavy name for a very catchy genre. Cheap Trick, Blondie and Weezer are a few bands who call this genre home. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to listen to Clockwise‘s newest album, This is Now and… Then and I was pleasantly surprised. 

As a fan of Cheap Trick, I instantly got into this album. It’s the perfect album to listen to and just chill out. I could see this band playing at a bar in the downtown area and have a great crowd nodding or dancing along to their every word and beat. 

“All I Need is Everything” is a super catchy song. It has a Tragically Hip style beat to it while other songs like “I Really Don’t Understand” slow it down to a classic Hair Metal Power Rock ballad but it blends really well together. If you have a liking for good classic style rock music, this variety is a great choice. 

Clockwise have a unique sound that is rarely seen these days. They are trying to bring back a style that has remained relatively untapped in recent years and I’m excited to see what else they bring in the next decade, hopefully, they can help headline a new musical revolution. - Carson Crash Roswell