CK interview from Julien Dionne's Comedy Hour

Hey Clockwise elite!

It's almost Spring (fingers crossed), at least we're hopeful that winter's last hurrah has been hurrahed and the Lion has turned into a Lamb. Ck heard a Robin this morning and that is a definite harbinger of good things to come. Speaking of good things to come, we're happy to provide you wise and discerning listeners with the following link to an interview that ck did back last December for Julien Dionne's Comedy Hour. Why the comedy? If you aren't aware of why, the interview will reveal new insights into the world of ck and what he does when he's not leading the Clockwise charge. Here's the link to the direct download: Episode29-ClaudeKent.mp3
Please listen down to the interview at your leisure and let us know what you think.

Julien Dionne is the funny man and CEO of the Julien Dionne  Comedy Hour and you can find his show here on the net:

Stay wise ...