Well Hello there! How have you been?

Ouch ... okay, okay, I know it's been a while but ... you know ... "life is what happens when you're busy making plans." My apologies for not updating you sooner. I meant to, honestly, I did. Sometimes I get complacent and sometimes I get lazy. We creative types have to have days off to you know? Rhetorical.

So on to it then ...

Clockwise has released a new album! That's right, we have! Well, in all actuality, it's not a full album per se but more of a mini-album or EP if you will. Call it what you like, it's brand new and it is being embraced by music lovers of all stripes.

We did have a setback or two due to certain interruptions but 'Blow Your Soul Bright' is now available for listening, streaming and downloading. We also have CDs for those that like the tactile experience of holding and seeing the physical product. Like me, I'm that way.

Whew! We were worried that some of you may have forgotten about us after all this time. Rest assured we haven't forgotten about you and we have been quietly busy writing, rehearsing and recording all the while the world has been spinning around. We haven't gone anywhere, we were just cocooning like everybody else.

We hope that you take the time to listen to and embrace this new release containing five very lovingly created, recorded, mixed and mastered Power-Pop gems. Once again, James Paul was very much a part of the process and engineered and produced this recording. We are extremely glad we could get this mythical music man on board with us for this release and the proof is in the pudding. Bam!

You can find all of the songs from 'Blow Your Soul Bright' on Claude Kent's Bandcamp page, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and dozens of other popular digital music retailers. Please check us out on your favourite site and consider downloading the music. You can also get it right here from our Store.

We would appreciate your continued support and would be ecstatic to know that you're still with us on this journey together. Music is the connection and the glue.

Be well and keep the faith,


"Now here's a flash and here's a Bulletin ..." Ck

This just in! Clockwise has a new guitar player and we're super excited to have him back!!! 

What's this? Have him back you say? That's right. For those of you who have been following our every move, you may recall that Bojan Milo joined the band on lead guitar for our first trip/mini tour of Liverpool several years back. Well Bojan is back with us and the band has never sounded better. As such, we're dusting off some of the back catalogue and putting the spit and polish to some new material that Ck has recently penned and is currently in our live sets. 

Want more news? You'll just have to stay riveted to your Clockwise seat. Until then, be well.




It's finally here!

What you may ask? Well not just the new year but also ... the new Clockwise album has finally been dropped! We're beaming and bursting at the seams to let you know that our new release 'This Is Now and ... Then' is finally available. This exquisite pop gem contains ten, count 'em, ten freshly minted tracks to give you new ear worm for 2017. Please head on over to our 'Store' page and to see and hear what we're so pumped about. We duly apologize for the wait.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about another Clockwise project that is just starting to percolate ... 

Review of 'This is Now and ... Then' by Carson Crash/Canadian Beats 

Here's a rather swell review of our last release by Carson Roswell of fab purveyors of Canadian music 'Canadian Beats'. Follow taste-makers Canadian Beats for great reviews, insights and to stay current with the emerging Canadian music scene. http://canadianbeats.ca/2017/12/03/review-clockwise/

Power Pop is a heavy name for a very catchy genre. Cheap Trick, Blondie and Weezer are a few bands who call this genre home. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to listen to Clockwise‘s newest album, This is Now and… Then and I was pleasantly surprised. 

As a fan of Cheap Trick, I instantly got into this album. It’s the perfect album to listen to and just chill out. I could see this band playing at a bar in the downtown area and have a great crowd nodding or dancing along to their every word and beat. 

“All I Need is Everything” is a super catchy song. It has a Tragically Hip style beat to it while other songs like “I Really Don’t Understand” slow it down to a classic Hair Metal Power Rock ballad but it blends really well together. If you have a liking for good classic style rock music, this variety is a great choice. 

Clockwise have a unique sound that is rarely seen these days. They are trying to bring back a style that has remained relatively untapped in recent years and I’m excited to see what else they bring in the next decade, hopefully, they can help headline a new musical revolution. - Carson Crash Roswell

Review of 'This is Now and ... Then' by author Robert Lawson 

The following is a review of 'This is Now and ... Then' by author Robert Lawson. Rather than link to the review which may be lost in time, we thought to include the entire review herein. Enjoy! - ck

Clockwise is a loose assemblage of Toronto musician Claude Kent and his rotating bunch of locals. The 2015 album This Is Now And...Then is a near-perfect presentation of principled song craft showcasing intelligent, wry lyricism with a welcoming blast of adult pop arrangements. Kent's a detail specialist who never lets his own romantic shortcomings escape his reflective gaze. In pure pop tradition, the hooks are in the melodies not the guitar work.  

The album opens with "I Don't Know" a Nick Lowe type track with a purposeful lead vocal, warm organ flourishes and a tight drum sound. A dreamy intro begins "Still Got It Bad" which has friendly hand-claps during the concise guitar solo. Kent leans hard into the chorus ("I bet you still got it bad!") with increased determination.  Another winner straight out of the gate, "All I Want Is Everything" has sugary harmony vocals and the immortal refrain, "all I want is everything in the world, all I need is everything and the girl". On "Sugar Coat It", Kent channels his inner Graham Parker over squealing feedback. The album's sunny upbeat vibe takes a dark turn on "Someone Or Something New". Here Kent explores dark introspection stating "since you put me down I've been riddled with doubt". 

Why this album didn't get wider exposure upon release is a mystery. Recommended for fans of Rockpile, Elvis Costello, Squeeze etc. - Robert Lawson

CBC's Searchlight 2015 

A note of thanks to all of you who voted for us in the first round of CBC's Searchlight 2015. We really appreciate you rooting for Clockwise and our song 'You Really Got Me Going'. As always, we're quite touched and amazed by our great friends and fans. We didn't make the cut into Round 2 but one of our friends' Arlene Paculan has, so we're wishing her all the best and now we're voting for her. Good luck Arlene!

CK interview from Julien Dionne's Comedy Hour 

Hey Clockwise elite!

It's almost Spring (fingers crossed), at least we're hopeful that winter's last hurrah has been hurrahed and the Lion has turned into a Lamb. Ck heard a Robin this morning and that is a definite harbinger of good things to come. Speaking of good things to come, we're happy to provide you wise and discerning listeners with the following link to an interview that ck did back last December for Julien Dionne's Comedy Hour. Why the comedy? If you aren't aware of why, the interview will reveal new insights into the world of ck and what he does when he's not leading the Clockwise charge. Here's the link to the direct download: Episode29-ClaudeKent.mp3
Please listen down to the interview at your leisure and let us know what you think.

Julien Dionne is the funny man and CEO of the Julien Dionne  Comedy Hour and you can find his show here on the net: http://juliendionne.com/

Stay wise ...

A summer to remember ... 

The summer of 2014 was cooler than usual weather wise but that didn't stop the band from generating heat wherever we played. We had an amazing time at 'Relish' playing to a packed house of great friends, fans and family. The highlight of the night was having Brent's 11 year old son Jesse sit in on drums on 'Rich and Famous' at the end of the second set. He brought the house down and we all created a memorable night to look back on and cherish.

Merriam Music presented Clockwise at the Burlington Rib Fest on the Labour Day long weekend. Again it was an amazing and memorable night playing to friends, family and new fans from the Gazebo stage directly under the majestic and grand Weeping Willow tree just inside the entrance to the park. We had such a great time entertaining those who took the time out to see us play that Saturday night. We'd like to thank everyone that supported the event including all the other groups that played and all the techs that made everyone sound and look so great.

It's these shows that are the most special for the band, as it's under these rather ideal conditions when the magic happens for us. We have been very fortunate of late to be connected and working with some very genuine, kind and generous people. The fine people at Merriam Music have extended a very promising opportunity to Clockwise and we would like to thank them very much for recognizing the energy that we put out in the musical universe. We hope to make a special announcement as this relationship with Merriam Music coalesces into something new and exciting. 

Be well and stay tuned for more good news ...

What's the Buzz ... 

We can't believe it's been six years since we released 'Faders on Stun'. That record is still enjoying a good run and we've been playing most of the songs in our live sets, as they still get us high when we do. We don't have any other substance abuse issues other than music so it's all good. One could argue that this can be just as injurious to one's health but I digress.

We know that some of our fans have been asking when a new release might be coming out. Well the band has been recording all the while trying to select new songs that will complement the previous canon of Clockwise pop. It's a tough gig but we're up for the challenge, although this does take time. Time? Clockwise? There's something ironic there somewhere in the details ...

The 2011 release of the band's 7" 45 RPM single was a sneak peek at two of the tracks (three if you count and use the download card) at what's in store for the new record (it might not be vinyl but it's still a record to us kids). Those songs are available here on the site and are indicative of the sonic that our musical photographer James Paul has been capturing for us. He's a clever man of nefarious ways with a curiosity shop of new and old toys that never disappoints.

So ... we are half-promising that a new Clockwise release will see the light of day in 2014. Nine tracks have been recorded so far with the band's favourite engineer/producer setting the controls for the heart of the sun. Tim Durnford (our original keys guy, see 'Accidentally on Purpose') has rejoined the band after a long hiatus (too long I might add) and plays on two of the new recordings. John Hume (who once graced the band in a previous line-up) plays some very tasty keyboards on the other seven tracks. Are we excited? Just like nothing on Earth!