This is it! Look over here! Come closer! Nice, you've found us! Welcome to the site of 'Clockwise', the PowerPop group from Toronto, Ontario Canada!

Thank you for checking us out. Feel free to look around the site and see what we're up to. Most of what we do, correction, all of what we do is about creating the music, energy and spirit that we have become known for in our live shows and on our recordings. Clockwise resonates with those who enjoy music with a good pop sensibility, music that is honest, sincere, genuine, free-spirited, thought provoking and fun. The core of the group are good friends and have been collaborating together for a generation. We do this on our own terms without the constraints of trends or industry: we can't be compromised. The band's coalescence, cohesion and integrity is apparent in the music that you are listening to at this moment. Visit with us as long as you like, listen to the songs, ponder the lyrics and let us know if anything clicks. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks again. ck

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